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Our Interventions

Coaching Services

  • 360° feedback evaluation – debriefs and design of customised PDPs - Personal Development Plans
  • Individual coaching for development for executives, middle management, and experts
  • A coaching clinic for employees in crisis - individually or in groups (Burnout)

Talent Management

  • Development centres of managers and executives in international organisations to prepare them for the next step in their career: promotions, taking on new international projects, leading multi cultural teams in a matrix environment, etc. (P3-D2 levels)
  • Development centres for experts to help them develop their full potential in their role and address specific needs: personal efficiency, soft skills, influencing skills, networking skills, strategic management skills, project management, etc.

Human ResourcesTraining

  • Performance management
  • Effective performance evaluations, including 360° feedback evaluations
  • Competency based interviewing techniques
  • Setting up a Talent Management programme
  • Facing the challenges of a VUCA environment (Volatile–Uncertain–Complex–Ambiguous)

Team Interventions

  • Understanding interpersonal differences
  • Team Intervention - leveraging the diversity of the team for optimal efficiency in the achievement of common projects

Management & Leadership Development Training

  • Management best practices, including constructive feedback
  • Emotional intelligence and agility to face the challenges of the future
  • Leadership for Women
  • Effective project management – the SIPOCO model
  • The manager – coach: developing coaching skills to increase employee engagement, accountability, empowerment & resilience

Staff DevelopmentTraining

  • Developing the necessary emotional intelligence and agility to face the challenges of the future
  • The proactive assistant
  • Influencing skills for more impact and visibility in the organisation
  • Effective business communication – verbal and written
  • Public speaking