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About Us

Smarter not Harder is a consulting firm in Human Resources, based in Belgium. We are a team of culturally diverse HR Consultants who have been providing Executive Coaching, Training, Career Counselling, and Talent Management for international organisations and centres of expertise, in Europe, Asia, the US, and Africa, since 2004.

We are specialized in the management of difficult and sometimes even high-risk management and leadership situations. Our clients are the UN, the UNHCR, the OECD, the European Commission and the European Parliament, among others, for the public sector. In the private sector, our clients are numerous, in the pharmaceutical, financial and industrial sectors. See our customer list below

We voluntarily keep a medium-sized administrative and commercial structure to focus all our energy on the quality of each of our interventions and proposals for action, whether in consultancy, training or coaching.

Our objective is to establish a long-term relationship with your organization, not only to meet your human resources needs, but also to support the personal development of your managers. This will enable them to face the challenges ahead with greater ease and efficiency. We believe that only those companies that support the development of the hidden talent of their staff will succeed in creating a critical mass of committed and committed employees.

The specificity of our approach is not to limit our intervention to a single method that would be applicable to any situation. On the contrary, we adapt the method to the singularity of the real situation in which we intervene. This is why our team consists of specialists in different fields of knowledge and expertise (Strategic Management, Innovation, Communication, Business, Management, Psychology, Psychiatry, Philosophy). These multiple approaches, within our team, are complementary. This allows us to provide an appropriate response in each case to the problems encountered and to the customer's request.

We propose to accompany the management of your company so that it can...

  • Facilitate transitions to new functions as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • Anticipate problems before they occur
  • Confront and resolve conflicts with calm and serenity
  • Be a driver of change, inspiration, and engagement for employees
  • Manage multicultural teams and overcome cultural barriers in a matrix environment
  • Make the personal development of each member of your organization or your team the focus of motivation and energy constantly renewed

We have framework agreements to provide Coaching, Training, and Career Counselling services for the UN - Reg on Ungm.org: 158222, the European Commission as well as many international organisations.