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Burnout Prevention

  • Educational Workshops - for managers, administrators, staff representatives and human resources representatives (½ to 1 day)
    Definition of burnout
    • Cost for the organisation
    • Cost for the individual
    • The 12 step path to burnout
    • Identification of early signs and red flags
    • Actions to take and resources available
    • Relevant materials to read
  • We can set up of a Crisis Intervention Centre, a telephone hotline, as well as the possibility of maintaining a weekly or monthly presence in the workplace, so that employees are seen in individual sessions, in a completely confidential manner.
  • Team Interventions - One or two day (s) programmes for teams working together under pressure, to help them redefine their interpersonal relationships for better collaboration, gaining meaning in what they do, and a new commitment to collective activities, And thus ensure a new alignment of working methods in a common project.
  • Individual Coaching to develop the appropriate coping mechanisms and build resilience in order to meet the challenges a VUCA environment (Volatile – Uncertain – Complex – Ambiguous)

Intensive Burnout Management Programme

We propose to accompany professionals in situation of distress, taking into account their specific working context, personal values, desires, wishes and life priorities. The purpose is to help victims of burnout overcome the initial traumatic phase and develop proper coping mechanisms in order to mobilise their personal inner strengths, redefine their professional objectives, and draw a concrete plan to achieve and maintain proper work life balance.

  • Phase I - Diagnostic – Assessment
    What exactly is your present work situation?
  • Phase II - Exploration
    What do you really want?
  • Phase III - Personal Development Plan
    What do you need to do concretely to bounce back?
  • Phase IV - Action Plan
    What will you do and how?

A detailed description of the programme is available upon request at SmarterNotHarder.belgium@gmail.com